6 Further Signs That You Are Not Meant For A Corporate Culture

Some more signals that I refused to see, maybe you can relate



Photo by Moheb Iskander on Unsplash

I wrote an article called 8 signs you are not meant for a corporate culture a few weeks ago.

Now that I finally bid goodbye to the said culture, I seem to have gained hindsight of just how many signs I bypassed throughout the years.

Here are 5 more ways to know if you are not meant for a corporate life:

1. You hate filling out forms

Shout out to Alvin T. for pointing out this one!

(Funny side note: I used to be a financial auditor for the first few years of my career, so I probably just repressed this one from my memory)

You think there are too many glorified form filling masked as important tasks to be performed under pressure.

You undergo robotic mode for the length of the experience, check boxes like a pro, add a few details with some jargon and then press send.

You feel satisfied as a job ticked off your list but you still ask yourself what was the point of what you just did.

If the idea of process (or -es) gives you nightmares or you have trouble dealing with bureaucracy, then it is not…




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